What's Going On Here?

Development, construction, demolition, re-development, re-construction, re-demolition, un-re-development, re-un-construction, de-un-remolition...

Amidst the dust, it's hard to know what's going on here.

The map is not the territory? When the target becomes the measure it ceases to become a good measure?

Map? Territory? Measure? Target?

My [amount.heavy.stone] absorbs me with what it does not reveal!


"A freestanding structure, an island unto itself."

Front, back.

Building, unbuilding.

It's always been under construction. [Link to timeline]. Empty greathall. Empty elevator. Men stand at the bottom of a brownstone quarry. Large blocks of stone lie in the foreground. Ladders lean against the quarry walls. Cranes and frame buildings are at the top of the quarry.

This is just temporary. This won't be here for long. The fluoresence distracts.

Somebody is developing pavillions for neo-flaneur renderings. Whom? Who do these human-scale LED free-WiFi surveillance automaton streetlamps and waterfountains serve and who do they protect?

There's a feeling that it'll bring closure but it's never complete.

What does a render see? Into the head? Down into the heart?

What does a render-er see?

"Construction, infrastructure, economies, finance...symptoms of systems not amenable to direct perception, distributed across space and time with emergent effects irreducible to individual components.

The way systems work cannot be understood by seeing how their parts work in isolation."

A type of index could be all that orange.

Through repitition...we see and become change.

Maintenance becomes us, being becoming.

"Nothing is permanent. You will be able to see the ice melt in the next few days. If you walk through the next millennia, you could see buildings disappear as well."

Regarding the occasion—why now?

Community planning surveys can't account for...

The course of action is unfathomable!

How can we reflect without stopping the current?

Imagine the blue dress.

Nonstop construction, construction nonstop, everlasting intensity of desire that could never be explained.

A cart drawn by two oxen is near a crane, presumably used for loading stone. Leafless trees line the Connecticut River in the background. Brownstone industry.